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Actions speak louder than words.

Bencher candidates Caryma Sa’d and Sean Robichaud are strong advocates for recent calls’ interests. Both candidates’s platforms speak directly to the challenges they face as they enter the profession in 2019. It’s easy for benchers to say they care, but its quite another to do something once elected. Sean & Caryma are making that commitment and are hoping that other candidates join them. That is what #RecentCallsVote is all about.

This is about mobilizing the recent call vote. Incentivizing both the voters and candidates to make the change in voting habits. Making change by engaging recent calls and giving back to the legal community in the process.

You vote. We donate.


Put simply, we want more recent calls voting in the upcoming Law Society of Ontario Bencher Election. Your voice not only matters, but it is worth something. These candidates not only believe that, but they are putting their money where their mouth is.

Every candidate listed on this site have committed to two things: 1) A donation for every participating voter by a lawyer who was called to the bar in the past 10 years, 2) If elected, a commitment to advancing a recent call category of bencher.

Click on the candidate below to see their commitments. Each candidate has chosen a legal not for profit donation of their choosing. This commitment stands whether they are elected or not.   

For listed candidates that are called 10 years or more, have committed to a minimum of $0.20 per voter based upon Law Society of Ontario statistics released after the election.

These candidates have committed to their individual donations regardless of whether they elected. The more recent calls participate in voting, the more is donated by these candidates. By voting recent calls are contributing to their community and to their future.

The goal

in 2015, the total eligible recent call voters (under 10 years) was approximately 15,000. Only approximately 4000 of them voted. We are hoping to increase voter turnout to the largest voting group of all call groups (>50%). If we are successful, we are hoping this raises thousands of dollars for legal NPOs. Help us get there. Vote. Have your friends vote. Be part of the #RecentCallsVote movement.


Click on a candidate to see their donation.*

* Donation pop-up does not work on mobile browsers.

total donations per recent call VOTERS: $1.25

Do you want to be listed as a candidate who is committed to recent calls?

Every candidate must commit to 1) Advancing a recent call category & 2) Donating on a per participating recent voter basis to a legal NPO.

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Some key statistics on voting patterns for recent calls in the last Law Society of Ontario Election:

  • “Elections since 1999 […] almost half of Ontario lawyers had been practising for less than 15 years, only two of the 40 lawyers elected fell into that category in 2015.” Noel Semple via Law Times

  • In 2015, lawyers born between 1981 and 1990 had a voter turn out of 34.24% LSO Website

  • None of the benchers elected in 2015 were among Ontario’s lawyers in the first decade of practice, who made up 25 to 30 percent of all lawyers in the province,” Noel Semple via Law Times

  • In 2015, the voter turnout for 2011 to 2015 calls was 34.02%; for calls between 2001 to 2010 was 31.02%. LSO Website

  • The highest significant voter turn out by membership status is that of partner at 53.08% LSO Website

  • The highest voter turnout by year of call in 2015 was those called between 1971 to 1980. LSO Website

  • Males out vote females (35.66% to 31.23%) LSO Website

  • The youngest bencher ever elected was 33 years old Law Times (quoting the Law Society Gazette)

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